What is Seophant really about?

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We are a group of three guys, who have been working in same company doing the all mighty SEO. Whether you’re seasoned SEO-professional or just beginner, you’ve probably worked majority of times with sites, which have been build using Wordpress. This of course is because of the simplicity that Wordpress and it’s plugins offers, when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines.

Wordpress is great, but what else is out there?

As we are very passionate about SEO, we wanted to set up blog for mainly having some sort of a platform where to write about SEO and to educate ourselves.

Internet is bloated of seo blogs, which talk about meta tags, link building strategies, best plugins to optimize your Wordpress site and blaah blaah blaah. We didn’t want to go that route… We wanted to take an unique angle, we wanted to do something different and something new.

Need for Speed - Reactjs

As mobile searches are getting more popular we wanted to do something we that in mind. Responsiveness is much of standard - you can’t really survive online unless your site is responsive.

But there is something very important, that is often overlooked when designing website for mobile. That my friend is speed.

Let me ask you something,

How many times have you wanted to scream and cry, because of the (insert name of the website here) is taking forever to load?

We wanted to have lightning fast website, both on mobile and in desktop.

We found our answer - ReactJs

I dare you to go and perform a speed test in GtMetrix or Google pagespeed insights. If you’re too lazy (or lacking attention span, like yours truly) just type our url (Seophant.com) in your mobile device and navigate through our site.

You see, the biggest thing that makes Reactjs so fast is the fact, that it is basically a single page application instead of a website. We also serve our whole site as a static site using Gatsbyjs, which does not create dynamic content like Wordpress.

The big issue - How to make our Reactjs website search engine friendly?

This turned out to be bit tricky - there is very little information or ready made solutions on optimizing Reactjs websites for search engines. But this was exactly the thing we were looking for…

Seophant - Alternative SEO with ReactJs

We don’t claim to be any kind of specialists / gurus when it comes to Reactjs seo.

Instead, we are group of guys wanting to experiment doing seo together with React. In a way, this blog is a learning diary for us and hopefully it will benefit you as well.

However, we won’t be just talking about Reactjs, we will also present the creme de la creme of seo tools, tactics, techniques and tips, these can be applied to any number of content management systems.

If you want to connect with us, say hi or give us suggestions you can do so by leaving comment below or by tweeting to us.

-Antti Alatalo -

Elephants of Seophant

Antti Alatalo, SEO Team Leader at Catena Media
@AnttiAlatalo1 (https://twitter.com/AnttiAlatalo1)

Mika Kujapelto, Senior SEO Front End Developer at Catena Media
@juutti (https://twitter.com/juutti)

Victor Gyllenberg, Product Owner CSPO at Catena Media

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