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What is Gatsby?

Gatsbyjs or just Gatsby is a static website generator that is powered by ReactJS, a popular new JavaScript library by Facebook. Gatsby is ideal for blogging and uses Markdown syntax.

React JS

ReactJS is one of the popular new JavaScript frameworks available on the web dev block that allows you to build single page web applications. And yes, it is trending at the moment. ReactJS was created by Facebook. It is being used by companies like Airbnb, Netflix, and Instagram to name a few.


This tutorial assumes you’re on a Mac. If you’re not, feel free to follow along, most content will still apply.

Required tools

  • Node & NPM

How to install node

Installing node and npm on a Mac is super simple with Homebrew the missing package manager for Os. To install Homebrew, open terminal (yes, you need to get familiar with terminal as that is where everything pretty much happens) and copy paste the code below and press enter.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" 

This will install Homebrew on your Mac and it will take a couple of mins. After the installation is done, run `brew update to make sure that you have the latest version of brew running.

To install the latest version of node, run brew install node. If you wish to install a specific version of node, check the available versions by running brew search node and then install the version that you wish brew install versionYouWant. Check what version of node is recommend with the project and install the recommended version.

After installation you can check what version of node youre running by typing the commands node -v and npm by npm -v in your terminal.

If you encounter some errors, check Homebrew for more info.

Install Gatsbyjs

To install Gatsbyjs you can just clone the git repository running git clone repo-url (link to the repository can be found in notes at the bottom of this page). After the repo is cloned (this may take few mins) navigate to the project folder in terminal and run npm install which will install all the required depencies. To start the development server run gatsby develop. To compile the project into static html run gatsby build`. For blog posts Gatsby uses Markdown by default.


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